the great debates online

Earlier today, I’d emailed The General about a specific ongoing debate I have trouble with. I always want research and facts and all that good stuff on both sides so I can always win the argument. I don’t think that’s asking to much, is it? It wasn’t until this evening that I discovered Great Debates, which is pretty much the debating/argument equivalent to Yahoo! Answers. The only thing Yahoo! Answers is good for is making fun of people and from the “great debates” I’ve read on this site, it’s pretty close to the same.

While the information I was hoping to find was a little bit above the Should boys have to learn about periods and other “woman” things as well? level (seriously true question I found on there), I didn’t. I can’t say I’d use this site regularly, but should I happen to read all of the awesome pieces of advice doled out via Yahoo! Answers, at least I know there’s a place I can continue shaking my head in disgust for nearly all of humanity.

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