a camaro for cable internet? sure

ImageI know there’s this huge battle between cable internet providers and the five thousand (or perhaps less than that) different options that are out there – city wireless, DSL, whatever. I know we have one option if we want a cable service and while it’s a piece of crap option, The General and I pay for it a monthly basis without fail.

Charter, which is not the cable internet service provider that we use since it’s not available in our area, is holding a Camaro Sweepstakes to entice people to sign up with them.

It’s too bad my brother’s already a Charter customer down in his neck of the woods and it’s too bad it’s a brand new Camaro, because that kid would very likely join anything that would give him the chance to win a Camaro, preferably of the bitchin’ variety that he can modify to his liking. He’s a weird one, that boy.

Honestly, I’m not sure what Charter’s deal is right now, but I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing for those people in the correct area to sign up for them. Last year, they ended up giving away a Hybrid Car. I would have gladly taken a Hybrid car!

They’re pretty much everywhere. There’s Charter on Facebook and Charter on Twitter for all of your social media networking needs, too.


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