cool things about the 12 year old

Trust me. There were times this summer, when I didn’t really think I’d ever in my life want to title any post like this.

    • I bought him a copy of NBA Streets v3 for his PS2 this weekend from GameStop. It’s used and it was cheap, and I figured it was something I could play while he wasn’t here. Today, he designed a shoe for me and created a character for me, and generally talked to me about a video game that wasn’t inspired by some damn comic book or fantasy Disney movie.
    • He and his dad have been into slot cars very recently. He’s showing a pretty cool interest in cars now, identifying what kind, noticing ones that he really likes, etc. As much shit as I give my brother for his 650 subscriptions to car and truck related magazines, I’m kinda stoked that this kid is showing this kind of interest in something not video game/computer related.
    • He got braces a few weeks ago and he’s taking such incredibly good care of them. It’s gone from begging him to brush his teeth at least one of the day, for the love of all that is holy, to telling him he’s spending enough time gargling with mouthwash that’s strong enough to burn your eyebrows off. His teeth are moving so quickly and he’s being such an amazing trooper about it all.
    • We threatened him a week ago that if he didn’t start taking care of his hair, he was going to have to get it all cut off. He hasn’t had a haircut in the year plus that I’ve known him. Since that threat, he’s really started showing some pride in how good his hair looks. While I don’t necessarily think it needs to be down to his shoulders and am really scared it’s turning into a mullet, I’m not going to ride the kid’s ass about getting a haircut when he’s actually combing it more than once a week.

      In all, this whole pre-teenager thing is turning out to be okay. (I refuse to use the word TWEEN.)

      It’s likely I’ll delete this post in about a week when he does something like stay up until 3am playing Playstation on a week night.

      What's up?