step it up, lynx. and i don’t mean in basketball.

You know what I hate more than pretty much anything? When I get professionally done emails (i.e. newsletters from stores and/or major sporting organizations) that have a glaring spelling order. It draws away my attention so bad that I can’t even take that email seriously anymore.

I just got this:


I mean, I get that it’s from the WNBA, so maybe they can’t afford proofreaders. But c’mon, it’s hard enough for people to make you think you have credibility as an actual major sports team, so when you don’t proofread your emails, it’s even harder for fans, like myself, to justify why  people should take the Lynx seriously and not as some waste of money/time/talent.

P.S. Thanks, Google Ads, for pointing me to where I can buy some Stinky Hockey Gear.

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