only a month behind

Sometime in mid-July, the homies and I went camping. The General stayed at home leaving me to my own devices. And my own tent, which I set up all by myself for the first time ever, thank you very much. It didn’t leak and there weren’t any wild animals inside it when I went to bed each night, so I’d say it was a success.

Here are the pictures from said event. I really wish I would have kept a journal – or more specifically a poop journal – so I could write about the time in more detail. Jenni has awesome pictures, too. Here are some my personal favorite from the trip:

We have a poop journal.The poop journal.

Loki's busy.Loki has Joe exactly where he wants him.

Fashionista.My tennis shoes were covered in river mud, because I was trying to find a good fishing spot, so I had to improvise. Plus, it was cold out!

Fireside posersMatt and Jenni and a campfire-y glow.

Sunday morningOf course the sun comes out the day we’re leaving. This was no less than 20 feet from our campsite.

Playground for adults!Bill, Katie, Matt, and Jenni milling about in at the Franconia Sculpture Park.

Big CowboyA big wooden cowboy at the Franconia Sculpture Park.

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