almost as good as a donation

The 3 Day is coming up, right? We’ve discussed that multiple times on ye ol’ Facebook status and blog here. I’m very excited for it. Jenni and I have purchased the majority of our supplies to turn out 15 passenger van into a VEGAS OR BUST themed party van. Our showgirl outfits should be arriving in the mail shortly. And if that doesn’t happen, I hear we’re getting super awesome t-shrits instead. And green visors.

In any case, they’re doing something this year that I would love for each and every one of you to do and it only costs as much as a STAMP. They’ve given us an address where we can receive letters from our supporters! While it may not seem like a lot, there’s nothing more uplifting then finding a letter or a postcard from a friend or familiy member after a long, long day on The 3 Day route.

Send letters (or anything that will fit in a letter-sized evenlope) to:
Breast Cancer 3-Day Camp Post Office
ATTN: Wendy Berry (or Wendy Berry, Esquire)
PO Box 25068
Woodbury, MN 55125

I know you’ve heard a lot about this lately from me, but it’s just really important to me. Like incredibly important to me! The deadline for sending me a letter (or poetry, or a drawing or even cash and/or plane tickets) is August 11th (that’s the postmark date!), so you should probably get on it!

It’s still not too late to donate. It’s never too late to donate!

(I know I’m way behind on this. I slack sometimes.)

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