i love energy drinks so much

I do. I can’t even remember when I first had a Red Bull, but I just remember it taking like the most vile thing I’d ever drank in my life, with the exception of some moonshine Cindi had made for us. Or root beer. That’s pretty vile, too. But I’ve grown to love energy drinks so much that I can’t really explain it. I guess it’s an acquired taste. Like cheap beer.

Red Bull, RockStar, Monster, some stuff I found at the Dollar Tree… If it’s liquid energy, I’ll try it. I just found a new one online that I’m going to have to try as soon as I find it in my favorite gas station’s cooler: BluFrog. I’m a little scared that it’s blue, but the cuteness of the can makes me forget about my opposition to blue drinks of any kind. It boasts itself as wildly healthy energy, although I’m not sure there’s any kind of energy that I would call UNhealthy. The General may beg to differ, but that’s a whole different blog post.

They’re relying on the whole social networking/viral media thing to get their name out there, so based purely on the cuteness of that can, I’m gonna pitch in and help. I won’t be retweeting it or sharing it with my Facebook friends, because I promised myself I’d never do that in 140 characters or less. Instead you get nearly 250 words (give or take) of me telling you to enter the BluFrog contest. They’ve got some awesome prize options that range from NASCAR to a New Years Eve trip to Times Square.

You should definitely check it out.


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