i called in sick to work today

And it was because I was actually sick.

Sometime in the past three days I managed to find a full on sinus infection banging on the inside of my entire face. After a trip to the doctor yesterday afternoon and 500mg of Zithromax down the hatch, I still wasn’t feeling like I could hear, breathe, or function… much of which I discovered when I tried to play my morning game of Bejeweled on Facebook and my score looked like Riley’d been playing it instead.

I crashed on the couch last night around 8:30 p.m., woke up around 4:30 a.m. to realize I wasn’t tired at all anymore. There was nothing put infomercials on TV, so I was overly excited to learn every single Rocky move was available in the list of free movies OnDemand has right now. For some reason, I watched Talladega Nights instead. Who doesn’t love NASCAR movies as the sun’s about to rise?

I survived round one of the Neti pot earlier today. I still can’t taste food and I’m pretty sure I’m talking about three levels too high. At least the fever and the intense headaches are gone, right?

I’m going to work tomorrow. And then taking a half day on Thursday, which I’ll follow up with a drive down to big ol’ Sedalia. Good thing I have therapy scheduled for the 12th. I tend to need it after those visits.

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