a large and awesome update

Me: I’m awesome. My work is awesome (I’m still not sure how I landed the perfect role for me) and this coming week will mark 1 year being there for me. I’m seeing a therapist weekly and my desire to smash my face against restaurant windows while happy hour patrons are happily munching away on overpriced mini tacos has completely diminished. Almost. I’ve still only lost 7 pounds, thanks to the Wii Fit and 2.5 weeks of no caffeine.

The General: Our entire apartment (duplex, whatever) is completely clean now, thanks to the maid services boston team. And it’s going on two months of no smoking, which is incredibly awesome. We just celebrated 11 months of being together. (How crazy is that?)

The Boy: We do Wii Fit every day that he’s here. And he’s turning out to not only be a pretty fantastic kid to have around, but we’re just developing this bond that I can’t even describe. I’m not his parent, because he already has two awesome ones. I’m just his Wendy and he’s just my Cracken.

Riley: We’re going on three whole months where there hasn’t been a single health issue! He loves the dog park by our house and actually runs there instead of wandering around aimlessly like at previous dog parks we’d taken him. Riley’s been on a boner-fever-run lately and red rockets mainly make me want to puke.

Kentucky: He’s over his ridiculous leash aggression. Kentucky’s the most love-seeking dog I’ve ever met. I cracked him in the head with the Wii remote the other day and he just stood there wagging his tail, when he probably should have been completely concussed. I really want to teach him how to chase and catch the frisbee.

Our Fish: We bought 8 guppies and a Plecostomus about a month ago. Now we have 18 guppies, a Plecostomus, and part of a guppy carcas floating around in the tank. Those crazy fucking things ate Angelina Jolie. (I named the female ones and Angelina was pregnant at the time!) Our only two females left, Octo-Mom and Michelle Duggar, have to fight off the dude fish like they’re at a frat party. It’s disturbing.

And then there’s Peeka. More about Peeka tomorrow, but at least I’ll give you an introduction:


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