week 1: water challenge

Yesterday, The General and I were talking about trying to find a way to having a little more healtier lifestyle more of a priority, instead of just talking about it. We’ve both gained some weight since we’ve been together (9 1/2 months!) and we both know it’s something we could have avoided. So, we’re setting weekly goals. The General is good with goals, like insanely good. And, yesterday, we decided our first weekly goal would be drinking half of our body weight in water. For instance, if I were to weigh 150 pounds, I’d be pouring 75 ounces of water down my gullet. Needless to say, I’m not skinny lady, so that might be a lot of water.

Gearing up for our water challengeWe hit up Wal-Mart yesterday. While we were there, we found some fabulous water bottles from customwater.com to keep at home. These little jugs hold 64 ounces of water. Finishing one will be a great start to what I need to drink every day.

We don’t keep pop in the house anymore, which has helped to some degree. I love me some caffeine, so I haven’t exactly decided how to push that aside to make more room for delicious, tasteless water. Maybe I’ll still allow myself one can a day? Maybe I’ll switch over to coffee? I just know diet pop is not going to fly with me. But not to worry, because I’ll figure something out. Plus, we have Welch’s grape pop in our pop machine at work as a delicious sugary-substitute for Coke our Mountain Dew.

I’ve been known to chug 8 ounces at a time while at work. It’s an amazing feat really and I can thank my days of drinking beer straight from the pitcher at Club 66 for that little talent. However, it started to grow a bit distracting at work last week when I attempted to drink two quarts of sugar free grape kool aid.

I can do this. It’s easy. And I have The General to kick my ass along the way.

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