week 1 day 1 report

I have to pee. That’s pretty much all. I think I only managed about 80 ounces of water today. That’s not counting the 8 ounces that I splashed onto The General a couple of hours ago. Who knew the water bottles we got also serve as pretty good water guns?

I finished the first 64 ounces pretty easily. I was thinking about slamming the other 64, but then I realized I’d rather sleep tonight as opposed to getting up to pee every hour.

I’ll try harder tomorrow. Peeing all day while at work is kind of a nice break from the normal, every day stuff that I get stuck doing sometimes.

Bet you’re glad I’m actively posting about my pee now.

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  1. good on you. i drink a lot of water everyday, but i also drink soda, and i’m trying to wean myself off the soda, especially now that i have diabetes and have to drink diet. dad gets me this thing called clear splash at the store – target and walmart have their versions as well. it’s flavored sparkling water. pretty good if you want a change between your 64ozers.

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