and now it’s time for a bath

  • With Jenni and Matt in Jamaica, I’m car-sitting for Anna, Matt’s Grand Am. I forgot that driving a car makes me feel like I’m sitting on a skateboard.
  • If you’re on LinkedIn and we’re not connected, we totally should be. Who knows. We might need to conduct some business together.
  • I’ve been catching up on TV the past couple of days and I’m completely appalled at some of the final 36 on American Idol.
  • We’ve been in the new place about a month and I’m still not used to only having a bathtub. I really miss my shower.
  • Do people still say “newbie”? I just typed it in an email and then promptly deleted it, because I felt like it dated me.
  • My parents celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary on Friday. 38 years. Damn.
  • Speaking of LinkedIn, my brother calls himself the “Head of Research and Development”. I forget that you get to add shit to your titles like that when you live in a small town.
  • I wanted to write a paragraph tonight, but, well… that didn’t happen.

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