quiet on this front for now

The past five days have just been this gigantic flurry of manic activity. Multiple trips to the vet, shuffling around money, worrying to the point of getting sick, etc. Today, after finally hearing from the vet that Riley’s blood work is exactly where it should be for a healthy three year old dog, I felt like I could finally breathe a huge sigh of relief. Non-pet owners probably aren’t going to get it and I probably wouldn’t have really got it 3.5 years ago, but that dog? Holy shit, I love him. I’m just so glad things are normal.

Today was a quiet night that I really needed. Home from work at a reasonable hour, time to do a little more work at home, breakfast for dinner, playing with the dogs, watching American Idol, eating Astronaut ice cream with The Boy, and just freakin’ relaxing. And that’s going to last for all of about two days.

Saturday, we get the keys to the new place, and I have a sneaking suspicion (that word looks wrong) the rest of my free time will be devoted solely to getting all of our wordly posessions out of this apartment and into a place that doesn’t smell like weed at last three days of the week. Thanks, new neighbor, who has a mini van pick her up every day for a chemical dependency day treatment. I don’t think your treatment is working all that well!

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