might be a bit behind

For the past couple of years, I’ve grown increasingly disinterested in NFL football. I used to be an obsessive Fantasy Football player, sometimes having the maximum four Yahoo teams going at once. Comparing that to this year, where I forgot to even do my weekly picks most weeks, I think it’s safe to say my fandom has strongly dissipated. I’m almost embarassed to say I don’t even know who’s left in the playoffs.

Next year, it’s my goal to pay a little more attention to the NFL football schedule and try to at least watch ONE game. I forget how much fun I have stomping all over male-managed teams in the various leagues I join. I always make my avatar something as girly as possible, so when a team callsed Jon’s Powerhouse Murdering All-Stars loses, it makes everyone question his manhood when he was paired up against someone whose team name was I Heart Clarissa Explains It All.

And, you know, maybe if I paid attention to the schedule, I could at least keep some tabs on my former hometown Kansas City Chiefs. I’m pretty sure Derrick Thomas is still their starting linebacker. Oh wait. He’s dead. At least Joe Montana’s still their quarterback – what? He’s not? I guess that probably means the Nigerian Nightmare is retired, too. I should probably just go play Tecmo Super Bowl, where at least I know all of the players’ names. High Def graphics are overrated anyway.

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