riley’s urine and his bladder and his kidneys

On Thursday, The General and I noticed Riley being weird. Not weird like wanting to carry around a ball of yarn all day, but weird like sticking to The General’s side like glue. A trip to the bathroom by The General, meant Riley was going to sit on the bathroom rug, which is located four inches from the toilet. As soon as I got home from work, the peeing started. Almost every hour on the hour, Riley was having some sort of pee attack that ended up on the carpet in some fashion. (Thankfully, we’re moving soon.)

This carried on all of Thursday, including an accident or two overnight, and all day Friday. This morning, I’d kind of had enough and called the vet. We ended up taking Riley in about 11:00 a.m. this morning to have some tests done that were covered under his monthly insurance plan. (Yes, I have a monthly insurance plan for my dog.)

I got a call from the Vet that I like to call Doogie Howser. His normal one works on Sundays now. Doogie said that the urinalysis didn’t indicate a bladder infection, but wanted to run some blood tests to rule out kidney problems. An hour or so late, he called again to let me know that the blood test indicated Riley had elevated levels of Creatine and Blood Urea Nitrogen. His kidneys aren’t filtering the urine; it’s just running right through him. Doogie wanted me to hospitalize Riley overnight so he could get some IV fluids in him and try to get re-hydrated. Commence pathetic sobbing here. They money, which would have been a lot, wasn’t my main concern; my main concern was my poor dog being in a cage all night with scary tubes running in his leg.

We wound up getting approval to bring him home, as long as we were able to get two IV bags in him by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. Two extremey amatuer nurses, one dog who doesn’t understand why he’s been prodded at all day long, and another dog very concerned about his big brother’s bandaged up arm? Makes for an interesting bunch of people.

Tonight, he is happy to be home and I just fed him one of the light-sensitive pills they gave me. But my little puppy’s home with me and that makes us both very happy.

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  1. Regina

    The irony. I had just finished reading somethings about my sisters kidney transplant, and then I see on FB that you’ve got IVs for Riley. Popped over here to read about dog kidney issues. Thankfully, Erin doesn’t pee on the carpet.

    Did you get my txt? I sent you a picture of a digital camera made for dogs and cats to wear. I thought Riley would enjoy that — maybe you can stream video from adventures at the dog park. :) Keep me updated on Riley.

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