anything but a waterbed

Moving day is just a few weeks upon us and we’re already kind of making a list of things that we need to get once we’re settled in. I think one of our first major purchases is going to be a new bed. I just bought my full size bed a few years ago and it’s been just perfect… for Riley and I. And then The General came around, along with The General’s dog. And now all of a sudden that bed’s not so big anymore.

The General thinks King; I’m holding fast to a Queen. If I wanted to sleep completely apart from someone, we could just go ahead and get two twin size beds! Neither one of us are exactly small, so I’m sure the dogs will still be relegated to the floor or to The Boy’s bed, but at least the option is there in the event that they would, you know, need to sleep with us because they were scared or something. (Shut up. Riley gets scared sometimes.)

Initially, we were going to look for beds for children, since The Boy didn’t really have one. He’s starting out with a twin size that I used to have before I bought my Grown Up Bed, and then he’ll inherit my current bed. I think he’ll be sittin’ pretty when it comes to a bed. Although, I think we could throw him a yoga mat and a pillow and he’d be happy with it.

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