i’m a shoe girl

Um, the first time I wrote the subject, I wrote Show Girl….

I’ve managed to avoid the Mall of America for months now. I honestly don’t recall the last time I was there to shop. We took The Boy there for a trip to Underwater World in the summer, but I don’t think I’ve been back sense. Thanks to the internet and all of its glorious shopping, I had no real need to shop anywhere but Target when it came time for gift buying.

I probably went there more often while living in the Southern suburbs for four or so years. It usually seemed like the most convenient place to solve my shoe-lusting needs. DSW, Marshall’s, Foot Locker – there were plenty of options for me to add to my fantastic footwear collection. Those were pretty much the stores I’d visit on a consistent basis, and I’m pretty sure there are stores that I’d pass over without giving them much thought. The size 3 swimsuit store, the tractor and cheese store, and pretty much any store where the mannequins are wearing black leggings. I have my rules, ya know?

I just have a huge hankerin’ for a new pair of tennis shoes right about now. I think it’s an addiction. It’s not quite as bad as drugs… I don’t think. Mainly because pumping a new pair of sneakers into my blood could be a little on the impossible side. Although I’ve never actually tried it…

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