hard wood floor and a fireplace, please!

It’s 3:30 a.m. and I just woke up from a nap. The work day on Tuesday/today may quite possibly be the longest day ever. The only time I can ever remember being up at this type of hour and enjoying it was in Vegas two years ago. I’m guessing there was probably a group of us walking down the strip back to our Pretty Pretty Princess Castle, deciding on why the next trip should include something like a Hummer Limo, preferably from the same Limo Service we used in 2007.

That particular service had a driver from the North Coast Limo that picked us up from the airport holding a sign that read Team Awesome; there was a different driver that picked us up for dinner one night, with a douchey bluetooth shoved in his ear. The second driver took us down to the Vegas sign, where he insisted on taking a picture of all of us, and then he didn’t get made when we proceeded to drink champagne out of the bottle on the way to the Venetian. That’s a limo driver I can stand behind!

In my current insomnia-induced Internet reading hour, I’ve found some Party Bus Rentals that make the spray-painted ones in Minneapolis look pretty lame.

“Watch movies, DVDs, enjoy Playstation 2; listen to music on our 2000 watt sound system, or sit back and watch the neon lighting, laser show, and fireplace. Our SUV limousines even have hard wood floors!”

Hey, now you know what I want for my birthday!

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