too loud

A couple of years ago, someone that I no longer associate with for a bevy of reasons gave me on of those keychains you hook onto your keys that helps you locate the damn things by clapping or whistling. I used it for about two minutes and then I realized it was more of a pain in the ass than anything. I threw it on the shelf above my sink, never to really be thought of again.

Also on the shelf above my sink you can find about a dozen various glasses from places like Oktoberfest, The Safe House, or other pint sized glasses that I’ve stolen from a bar.  These glasses are then stuffed full of things like change, Sharpie markers, various types of medication for both people and dogs, and bendy straws. Suffice to say, I have no idea where that keychain thing is.

The only time we ever even remember where it might be is when it starts angrily beeping at us when we’re talking in the kitchen. I hope our downstairs neighbor, who actually told us she was mad at us for moving yesterday, appreciates our noise level monitor. I can only hope we’ll bring it to our next place so the “two guys and their dog” that will be living below us can enjoy it just as much.

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  1. so — I made the “hangover bars” today and I either love you or hate you for introducing me to them! They are too good!

    You don’t really know me; I come via Robin’s blog (I have no idea how I stumbled upon her blog) and participated last year in her boob-ha-ha auction.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to you, The Boy and The General.

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