a big christmas win

The General and The Boy have an apparent tradition of opening one gift on Winter Solstice. I’m a fan of opening presents early – just ask my parents about the time I unwrapped every single one of my presents (and my brothers) and then wrapped them back up before they got home. Those L.A. Gear tennis shoes were exactly what I wanted, but not quite as exciting to get once I knew they were under the tree.

We don’t have The Boy on actual Winter Solstice, so we opened up one this morning.

Over my lunch break a couple of weeks ago, I walked down to GameStop to look for an awesome Playstation game to give him. Luckily, the GameStop downtown is full of giant dorks who will do anything they can to help you find the perfect video game. They helped me pick out one and then I find the other – a pinball game, of sorts.

That’s the one The Boy decided to open this morning. And for the past two hours, he’s been glued to the PlayStation playing Pinball, begging The General and I to play multi-player mode with him.

In other words, first Christmas present for The Boy? WIN. (I’m very excited; it’s my first Christmas with a child I had to buy for that wasn’t under five.)

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