cleaning out the pipes

The rest of the Holidailies writing prompts sort of blow goats. I’m not all Scrooge-like or anything this holiday season or anything. In fact, I’ve had a complete blast buying gifts for The General and The Boy. But I don’t really have much desire to write about holiday faux pax or my favorite holiday memory. I like posting about my holidays and all – I guess I just like doing it on my own.

Speaking of poop, does the idea of a dual action cleanse kinda make you weird out at all? Because it does me. I’ve been been having some poop-related issues of my own (lots of details I’d love to share, but I have family and co-workers that read this and it’s also a site that you can find by Google-ing my entire time) and believe me – I’ve thought of pretty much everything that might cater to assisting me in that site of things. Plus, according to its website, it increases energy.

If I could clear up these poop problems I’ve been having AND get an extra boost of energy, I’d quite possibly be the happiest person on the planet. And might even be inspired to watch holiday-themed movies that have found their way onto my Tivo and talk about all the pretty light displays in my hometown, including the house that has 14 different versions of the nativity scene in the front yard.

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