cartier pasha

I think cartier pasha is French for “watches for some fancy pimps”. And don’t get me wrong – Cartier watches are super nice and I certianly would not kick anyone out of bed for giving me one as a gift, just as long as they brought it alongside a Nintendo Wii and a new digital camera. (See? I’m not picky.)

Lately, I’ve been throwing on my watch with the dancing robot when I go to work. It’s a pretty subtle dancing robot, so I kinda catch people looking at it from time to time, just double checking that they are, in fact, witnessing a grown ass woman in grown up lady business pants wearing a watch with a dancing robot while at work. I can’t help it; it fits me.

I’ve also been wearing it out and about, too. I was considering getting a small tattoo on the inside of my left wrist, under the guise that I’d be able to somehow be able to cover it up as long as I was wearing a watch big enough to cover it up while at work. I’m professional like that, remember?

The dancing robot watch? Even if the tattoo were the size of my entire arm, it’s distracting enough to keep people more focused on the little dancing man than it is figuring out what kind of tattoo I’m trying to hide. My other alternative is a nice big pimp watch like the one in the post. I could rock that, especially since it comes with a price tag of $13,500… on sale.

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