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The General was just sitting in the kitchen, smoking a cigarette out the window and some some blogging, and started laughing. I turned around from writing my last blog post to find out what was so hilarious that I was missing. Right about then, the following instant message conversation took place:

the general: i love when i type in things to my browser and i can tell you’ve had your hands on my computer at one point or another!
wendy: haha. why’s that?
the general: BUTTSEX.COM

I can’t help it. Nothing is funnier than typing a URL like that into someone’s browser and then walking away without them knowing what was going on.

It’s kind of like at my last job when we would print out random pictures of various employees’ MySpace page and leave it on the printer, just waiting for someone to find it. I can’t explain why – it’s just funny!

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