fancying hunting gear

I think I’ve said it before, but I’m a huge fan of Canon as opposed to Nikon. Should I ever make the leap to SLR, it’ll be hard to stray from Canon based on my last three awesome cameras. However, should I ever take up hunting and need something to assist me in my deer-sniping activities, there’s always the Nikon Hunting Christmas Promotion that I’d totally take advantage of, especially since it’s almost guaranteed to “increase my long-range shooting skills”.

The idea of me dressed completely in camoflauge, with an orange vest for safety naturally, trapsing around the woods with a shot gun and a very fancy Nikon rifle scope, with my trusting hunting dog, Riley P. Bigglesworth, at my side kind of makes me laugh until my side hurts. The thought of me hunting anything with four legs is kind of scary, mainly because I’m generally scared of everything that has four legs and can be hunted.

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