he needs a ravelry account too

We just got back from two hours at Spin Cycle, our favorite local laundromat. Two hours seems like a hell of a long time to spend with laundry, but considering we did at least twenty loads of laundry, I can’t complain too much. I’m glad my clean work clothes will soon be on hangers, as opposed to crumpled on the corner, serving as a napping area for one very spoiled big white dog. With only one washer and dryer in our apartment building, it’s easy to get way, way, way behind on laundry. We’ve vowed to start making weekly trips just to keep on top of things. We’ll see how long that lasts.

And I figured I’d clean off the camera card tonight while we watch Rock of Love Charm School, and found quite possibly my new favorite Riley picture:

Thinkin' about knittin'.

There were others, but somewhere between Picnik and Flickr, the internet is refusing to allow me to post any pictures. Hate to both of them right now!

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  1. Mom & Dad

    Riley is the best behaved dog I have ever been around. And a beautiful dog. Sorry I am so highly allergic to him.


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