i like cheap options

Since we’re moving in a few months, I’m looking all over the place to save on utilities. Keeping warm by lighting the amount of junk mail I get every day on fire? SOLD. Sorry about burning 4109 fliers with your face on it in the last week, Johnny Mac.

A place I know I really want to save money, based on the crappy service providers we have around the area where I live and plan on living, is cable. If I could find some kind of cable TV bundles where I could save money, still get all the awesome channels, and not have to deal with a company that has extremely horrible customer service and doesn’t show up when they’re supposed to be there for service calls? Winning situation!

When I moved into this place, the only cable tv bundle they could offer involved some type of phone, cable, and internet package and probably involved some type of free farm animal at the time. I can’t remember, because their installation folks failed miserably and I ended up canceling half the plan.

Now we’re thinking about other options – mainly things like satellite TV or even involving DSL in some fashion. I know it’ll all boil down to where we end up moving, but sometimes I get over anxious about how every single detail is going to work out once I get to a new place, so I need answers, you know. NOW NOW NOW.

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