wet camera dreams

Ever since The General got a new camera, I’ve had a little camera envy. I’ll probably just wind up upgrading to the next level of Canon PowerShot, like I have now, but I can also dream. Of course, I’m highly obsessed with winding up with a new SLR… it might be hard to transport it to the dog park or sneak into a concert without getting hassled, but I think I’d still manage to have an alright time with it.

Yes, yes. I’m Canon-loyal, but I could be swayed for a Nikon if the price and features were right. And I’d be all for gearing up with the pros if I fell into some Free ATB Pro Gear, just so I can be decorating my humble abode with tons of fantastic pictures of our dogs and our boy and, you know, pictures of my friends while they’re drunk at the bar.

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