master kingpin

I’ve been subbing in the Pizza and Beer Bowling League at Southtown Lanes for the past few weeks. I’ve bowled on a couple of different teams, and mainly go because for $13/week, I get beer, pizza, and three games of bowling. That’s a hell of a deal.

The first week I bowled, I think I was very excited to bowl triple digits. I get frustrated at bowling pretty regularly, because I know *how* to do it; I just sometimes execute poorly. And I’m finally realizing it was just because I usually only bowl when I’ve nothing better to do or just want to be taking part in a physical activity will drinking the beer.

Last night, my average was 142. The week prior to that, my average was 128, including one game where I bowled a 169 (and achieved my first turkey ever). And two weeks before that? 114.

I’m tempted to make The General get up early Sunday morning and go bowling, where the games are only 99 cents before noon since I won’t be substitute bowling this coming Wednesday. Although, it usually winds up with The General getting up WAY before me.

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