owners retreat and a breakfast room

Left my cell phone at home today and came home with 60+ text messages, the majority of them were from Twitter, but STILL. That’s a lot of stuff to sort through!

Our early apartment search is probably a good idea. Our dog count is up to two mangy mutts and I know that, personally, my credit has only gotten marginally better. At least this time I’ll be employed, which I’m hoping helps our chances of getting some options to choose from. In the meantime, I’m hoping for a few cool million to just be delivered to me – preferably in cash – without any questions, and then I can look into, you know, building my own home… maybe something from Schumacher Homes.

There’s a model named after my brother that has 2400+ square feet, complete with OWNERS RETREAT and BREAKFAST ROOM. I don’t even know what owner’s retreat means, but you can be darn sure that’s what I’ll be calling my bedroom wherever it is we end up moving. And you can also start calling my couch my breakfast room, since that’s usually the place I eat my leftover cold pizza.

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