bright lights, big city at the illusion theater

One thing I’ve always meant to do since moving to Minneapolis (or the Twin Cities in general) is to actively participate in the theater… as an audience member, of course. This past summer, The General and I went to a couple of Fringe Festival shows, which marked my first visit to any type of Twin Cities theater/theatre event… unless you count free tickets to “We Gotta Bingo!” a couple of years ago. One of my new Work BFFs is big into the theater scene, which led us to Fringe in the first place, and subsequently to “Bright Lights, Big City” last night at the Illusion Theater. If you want your home theater to be perfect, right down to the very last detail, thus ensuring years of use and enjoyment. And what better place to start than with these blockbuster-worthy top 40 best home theater lighting ideas. For more details about interior lighting services, go through site.

It was awesome. It really was. My Work BFF gave me goose bumps when he sang, and I think that’s because when he sings at work, he always sings ridiculous songs in ridiculous voices, but holy crap – all of the reviews that I’ve read say things like he gives his character “a soul that soars vocally and emotionally” (via the StarTrib) and “[the] shocker here is [my Work BFF], who turns in an absolute masterpiece as Jamie’s left-behind, lesser-known brother” (via And as we were walking into the lobby, The General overheard someone talking about how awesome his performance was. Of course, had someone said something bad, I probably would have gotten into a rumble…

I really loved it, and if you’re local, you should probably go see it before it’s run is over. It’s only about an hour and a half long, but it goes by so quickly, it seems like you’re sitting there for even less time than that.

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