online german keno. and craps too.

Last night at bowling league (oh yeah, I just said that), we were talking about the location of Cruise #3. We’re in love with the cruise line we usually take, but are starting to realize that if we go anywhere else, it’s going to have to be with a different cruise line… at least until they decide to swap out their routes a little bit.

The thing I love about our current favorite cruise line is the broad, broad range of nationalities that we’re cruising along with. If I had to guess, I’m sure at least 75% of the people onboard with us were from somewhere not located in North America and I love that. A lot.

And, you know, on the boat, there’s a casino and the casino is always full of all kinds of people yanking away on the slot machine arms or trying to beat the dealer in some fancy poker game I’ve never even heard of. Thinking about that tonight had me wondering what it’d be like to come to one of our casinos around the Twin Cities if you only speak something like, oh, I don’t know – German. I realized there’d be no way it could even be remotely enjoyable, which is why the German’s are probably better off doing all of their casinos visiting online at Clubvip777. If I were German and needed my keno fix, that’d totally be where I’d get it. In case you were curious.

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