happy housewarming, hosers

Jenni and Matt are moving into their new place next weekend to make their living in sin completely official. The General and I have been recruited to help (and I pretty much owe Jenni for two moves anyway, so I’m completely indebted to help haul things around Minneapolis for a weekend). And since they’re moving, I figure I owe them some type of Housewarming Gift, right? That’s where you’re wrong. It’s that time of year where they’re getting halloween gifts. That’s the right thing to do.

To me, nothing says “hello”, “congrats on your new house”, and “LOVE YOU GUYS” quite like a scarecrow with a pretty straw hat. Oh, you guys will thank me later. I’m certain of it.

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  1. we have a firepit. just make sure whatever horrible housewarming gifts you’re getting us are flammable.

    also, it’s good you owe us two moves! since, you know, we’re moving two apartments.

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