it’s been a lifelong addiction

I pretty much know (as I sit here eating a delicious roast, complete with carrots and potatoes) I should lose some weight and I pretty much want to lose some weight, but we all know it’s not an easy thing. My big downfall is soda. And by big, I mean gigantic, and holy crap, I love it so much that I sometimes cry without it. It might not be that bad, but close. They say that if you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit, right?
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That’s three weeks without pop. Without that sweet, sweet taste of corn syrup and all of that other pure chemical sugar combination.

Hey, know what I think would help with this obsession/addiction? A whole body detox, I’m sure. At least it’d keep me away from the soda for a while.

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  1. I have the same problem. I love, love, love some ice cold soda pop! Oh, and I love cheeseburgers, so that might be part of the problem too. :)

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