four eyes for cheap

I’ve had my glasses for a while – probably close to a couple years now. I remember getting them shortly after I had the gigantic car collision of 2006, and my chiropractor yelled at me for not telling him I was getting headaches. I can tell they’re getting about that old based on the scratches I’ve been noticing, which have probably happened by cleaning the lenses with my t-shirts. What? Carrying around an extra piece of special cloth in my non existent purse doesn’t seem to work out so well for me.

The General and I talked about getting vision insurance when I finally qualified at ASA™ (my new nickname for my employer) for insurance, but then figured it’d be cheaper to save that extra money a month and just find some cheap place to get super awesome frames. Show me a place with tons of options for eyeglasses and I’ll be one happy four-eyed kid. I know it can’t be that hard to give my former optometrist (at Wal-Mart in Eagan, of all places) a call and find out what my prescription really is. And if I have to go get another eye exam, I can’t imagine it costing all that much to begin with.

Ordering things online? I’m a fan. Especially when the place gets great reviews. Convenience? Check. Cheap? Check. I’d order bags of dog poop if I could get those two guarantees.

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  1. Holy crap, Dude! This could be dangerous for me. I love glasses almost as much as I love shoes… I’m going to have eighty zillion pairs…..

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