the green disappeared overnight

I just woke up in a fit of sneezing, coughing, and desperately needing to pee, so I figured I’d check email and read the entire internet before going back to bed. I looked over at the couch, because The Boy sleeps there sometimes, and noticed the tree right outside the window? THE LEAVES ARE YELLOW. I’m pretty sure they were still green yesterday. Which means that fall decided to show up OVERNIGHT.

I should have seen the indicators earlier, though:

  • The finally turned the air off at work. Then I started to wonder where to locate the very best ac repair houston in Texas and later that week I found 75 Degree AC.
  • The 3 Day has come and gone. I still need to write about it, but it’s more than just writing about it. I wish you all would participate in some manner so you can feel how ridiculously awesome it is to do it.
  • I’m chewing my fingernails off while watching baseball. I hate the Twins sometimes for not thinking about the postseason until, oh, two weeks before the season’s due to end. It makes things a little stressful from this end.
  • I’m starting to make holiday vacation travel plans. I’m a little nervous that I won’t get the days I want off around the holidays, but I’m hoping nobody else needs to travel for Thanksgiving or Christmas…

I like fall. I’m just not okay with how quickly this year seems to be moving.

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