custom t-shirts

The 3 Day was this weekend and it was fantastic, but when is it not, really? We saw it from a different angle, which I fully intend on talking about in great detail sometime in the near future, complete with a lot of photos and stories. (Just as soon as I get rid of this sinus infection and ear tubes that are sucked closed.)

In the meantime, however, I’ve decided that next year, we need some custom t-shirts (if you enter TShirts25 as a promo code at that site, you get 25% off your order). We usually do some sort of team Printed Polo Shirts, but if we had custom ones that could say whatever it was we wanted them to say? Quite possibly even better. I’m also very excited to order those custom t-shirts at the same place online where I can order custom car magnets and other various things that you need when involved with a charity that talks a lot about lady parts.

Jenni and I had a lot of time to talk over the weekend (we drove for 12 hours straight) and we talked about most definitely getting Team Boobylicious back on the saddle with another huge team and another huge year of fundraising. I’m excited about it already. And it’s only 11 months away!

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