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I don’t really know what I have going on during the week sometimes, but then it’s the weekend, I’m absolutely drained from the previous week and I have to look at my calendar just to figure out what the hell I’ve beend doing for the past five or six days. Take this past week for example:

Sunday: A trip to the dog park where I ran into an old co-worker from my last job, a trip to Target for groceries, and a trip to Wal-Mart for a food processor. Jumi had given us a couple of home grown zucchinis and The General wanted to make zucchini bread. Neither one of us had any desire to use a knife for that long.

Monday: Back to work (and my review – more later on that) and the realization that I don’t have bread pans. The result? Zucchini muffins.

Tuesday: I had a morning of really fantastic training at work with this guy, and then had to miss the afternoon session to go back to work since we only had people that had been there less than a month left in the office. After work, we hit the Lynx game courtesy of some tickets seven rows off the court that I landed off of Craigslist for $10/pop. We met up with Desi and her new ladyfriend and watched the Lynx win – both very good things.

Wednesday: The General had choir practice and we had The Kid, so it was time for my weekly Single Parent Night. This typically consists of my laying on the couch, The Kid watching videos on YouTube, and dinner appearing out of a box our courtesy of a delivery man. I made Hamburger Helper of the Taco variety, and The Kid suddenly wasn’t hungry when he saw the delicious corn chips and savory powder cheese sauce on top.

Thursday: I took Riley to the vet to check into some zit-looking things that appeared all over his body after a trip to a dog park/swamp. The poor dog had so much fun I thought he was going to explode, but I now know he’s not going back there anytime soon. The Kid had Open House at his school that evening, and he asked if I could go. So I did. It was pretty awesome and I like knowing his teachers (despite the fact that at least one was younger than me!) and how they approach different things.

Friday: Last home Lynx game of the season. Erica was the Lynx Fan of the Game, The General was upon the jumbotron for a trivia game in the 3rd quarter, and The Kid and I participated in a tricycle race around the court during the fourth quarter. We wound up with six shirts, including one autographed by Charde Houston that she threw out after the game. The Kid and I ran down to the bottom of the floor to try to catch one, and I ended up having to use my rusty impressive jumping skills to snag one out of the air. Probably gonna get drafted for the 2009 season now…

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  1. We got a Charde Houston shirt, too! And you neglect to mention your on-court tricycle race.

    Too bad the Lynx lost. It was probably the most fun loss I’ve ever attended.

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