i’ll never leave my couch

The 27″ TV that I bought back in 2003 has been buying a very slow, painful death. The General’s been trying to start it in the mornings during the rest of summer break and it’s been taking forever to start up. It requires a lot of babysitting, and by babysitting, I mean repeatedly turning it on and off, and on and off. And on and off. And, well, on and off. Then multiply that process by 6150. I think today was the breaking point for both of us when the situation became so grave that we were scared to turn the TV off at night. BECAUSE OMG WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT A TV?

The General combed through Craigslist all day today and got a few pretty good leads, but as situations that involve Craigslist are wont to do, they continued to fall through. I got home around 6:30 and the idea of keeping the TV on all night gave me the shakes, so I did some hunting on my own. By the luck of the draw, someone just posted a TV for $50 and I was the first to respond. I emailed using The General’s account, without thinking too much about it, providing the seller with my phone number since she failed to include it on her nice little ad.

Within maybe 10 minutes, I got a call on my phone with a woman asking for The General. I was too wrapped up in Craigslist searching and pawn shop calling that I just handed the phone over like this was an every day occurence. Right about the time I realized what I’d done, The General was getting ready to smash my head open like a watermelon.

I talked the girl that was selling the TV. Turns out she’s moving to Chicago and her roommate’s moving out, too. The TV won’t fit in her car, so the roommate told her to sell it on Craigslist. DONE. The General got $50 out of the ATM while I visited with my favorite Super America cashier named Tee, and then we headed to Northeast where we easily found the place and met the girl selling it.

And then we realized there was no way in hell the three of us were going to be able to pack that damn thing into the Escape. Eventually the girl’s roommate came home and basically manhandled the thing into the back of my car and we were on our way… We took a detour to Home Depot after calling Jenny the Former Roommate and persuading her with a crisp new $10 to come help us. It was our mission to pick up some type of strap that would let us carry the TV a little easier. And that didn’t happen.

We muscled it up three flights of stairs with a furniture dolly, a comforter, and two rachet straps put together to make one. And now our living room has been transformed from this:

The entertainment unit.

(granted this was taken in my last apartment)

And it now looks like this:

Our new TV

why, yes, I am in love with this new TV!


  1. two things. I once had a TV that would screech at ear-drum-shattering frequencies for about six minutes whenver you turned it on. I hate that thing.

    Also, I like your “media console” where did you get it?

  2. Sweeeet! And in plenty of time for basketball season, too! Hey, that Jenny-the-former-roommate seems to be pretty handy when it comes to moving stuff.

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