bartering sounds fantastic

I get pretty dang tired of seeing commercial after commercial about getting out of debt and even those damn free credit report dot com commercials are wearing thin, despite The General’s attempt at singing them from memory just about every day.

We’ve been talking about moving sometime in the winter after my lease here expires, mainly to find something with some extra room considering we’ll have another dog and an 11 year old half the time. Just something to probably think about, ya know? I have no desire to buy for about five thousand reasons, but the most important is definitely me being too lazy to do any type of my own lawn/house maintenance.

And you know the other part is the whole Hey, My Credit Sucks! type of thing.

Granted, I have learned a lot about repairing it from different books I’ve read and websites like Freedom Debt Relief, and since I’ve been focusing on it a little better, I’ve been able to inch it on up the credit scale… but it’s still nowhere that I need it to be in order to buy a nice fancy new alarm system for my truck since everyone and their mother feels the need to break into the stupid ol’ thing.

For now, I’ll slowly work on improving things and once I’m the one parking the Range Rover in the closest parking spot to my building, I probably won’t have to worry about it anymore.

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