my missing tomtom

Wednesday morning, The General had taken Riley out while I finished getting dressed doing my hair and called me just as I was about to head downstairs to tell me someone had gotten a little ruckus sometime after we went to bed. As it turns out, someone needed TomTom more than I did and felt the need to bash in my driver’s side window to take it. Oddly enough, TomTom was face down, in the center console, and not really easily located by someone just passing by. Stupid a-holes.

The driver’s side window had just been demolished. I tried scraping the safety glass into an extra dog dish I had laying in the floor board and ended up scraping my knuckles and hands just gently enough to make me wince in pain for a good while. The General took the car in to have the window replaced after work and luckily I pay retarded insurance rates that include free glass breakage.

There was some minor damage done to the driver’s side door. It looks like whoever was directionally challenged enough to steal my GPS device wasn’t too slick when it comes to bashing in a window, because whatever they used to shatter it caused some scrapes on my interior. It’s not quite enough to fork over the $500 insurance deductible, so I’ll just wind up driving it around like that.

And next time, mother fuckers, just knock on my door. I’ll totally give you the GPS. I know it sucks getting lost, and I’m willing to help. I just hate writing down all my directions to go everywhere and not being able to randomly find the closest Target when I’m out and about.

So, basically, if anyone sees a slightly used TomTom One laying around Minneapolis, sadly discarded, it’s totally mine. I don’t see that happening, though, since GPS Stealer McGee was smart enough to take the power cord to it, too.


  1. Chaely

    Holy crap! You have the worst car luck ever! They didn’t take your naked lady air fresheners again, did they??

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