busiest weekend in a while

Lunch with Jenni and Stephanie and Pizza Luce, which was nice because I missed Awesome Pizza a whole lot more than I thought I did.

Vikings pre-season game with free super close tickets thanks to Cindi. The General™? Not so much a sports fan and despite enjoying time at the Lynx and Twins games, the Vikings probably won’t be a regular occurance. Which is fine. I’m more of a football on TV fan anyway, just so I can take naps during the game.

After the game, I’m pretty sure my ovaries were sword fighting and kept accidentally kicking my uterus at the same time, so I had to call it a night shortly after our trip to Walgreen’s to load up on ridiculous feminine products.

HAIRCUT DAY. I was getting shaggy. We were going to be in St. Paul anyway, and somehow we ended up in Maplewood, where I found a middle-aged Asian lady that cut my hair exactly like I wanted. So, it looks like a trip to Maplewood is going to happen every time my mane needs trimmed. And then it was time for our bi-monthly trip to the thrift store where we got an adorable vintage, stainless steel breadbox for $2.48, along with some work appropriate clothing that we both needed.

We met up with Jenni and Matt at Irish Fest. The General wanted to see Flogging Molly and I figured me going with might make up for all the sporting events we’ve been going to. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so laying in the grass on Harriet Island was a pretty good way to start the evening. After the show, we hiked back to our car and headed back into Minneapolis.

The four of us met up for drinks and fantastic cream cheese wontons. I always forget how fantastic the atmosphere at King & I ends up being, so it’s like a surprise when I sit down, have awesome music playing in the background, and get to drink on some ultra girly fruity drinks for a couple of hours. And then we went home where someone (not me) passed out snoring like a gigantic freight train.

We slept and we slept late. We’re usually up by 9 at the absolute latest on the weekend, so not putting on clothes or even leaving the apartment until just about 2 p.m.? Kind of awesome. We headed over to the U of M to catch the final show of Tipping the Bucket before the Fringe Festival ended today. I think next year, we’ll have to look at the schedule a little more in depth, because the two shows we did see? Really great and I’m sure there were a ton of great ones we missed. If I can form some coherent sentences, I may just do some real reviews of the shows… you know, because that’s the nice thing to do.

We went to Target, got some lunch food and a book/magazine holder for the bathroom (we’re classy!), and then came back home to a dinner of Hamburger Helper. Again with the classy.

The General has Orientation tomorrow for a new gig teaching preschool for Autistic kids. (How awesome of a gig is that?) This just means we have 55 minutes until we go to bed, and I have to clean the bathroom before that happens.

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