ready, set, crew

I had a goal of posting every day this month. I was gonna give it another whirl. But then I stayed late at work yesterday, had to take Riley to the vet, have dinner, and then head out to the Doomtree CD release show. I was busy, meaning I’m off to a horrible start.

Today, however, I was up bright and somewhat early with Jenni and Cindi, so we could attend the “Ready, Set, Crew” event for the 2008 3 Day. Yeah, I’ve forgotten about it too from time to time. This morning is kind of what I needed to get myself back in 3 Day Time Mode. Not participating in the constant fundraising this year has kind of pushed the whole thing to the backburner while I adjust to my new apartment, new job, and new relationship (+ kid). I guess if any year was going to be the year I didn’t walk and raise an assload of money and shave my head, this would be the year.

Jenni and I are going to be driving a sweep van this year. Yes, we are in charge of a 15-passenger van, and yes, we did have discussions this morning about the ramifications that would take place should it somehow flip over and land on its roof. We’ll be in control and posession of a vehicle that will look much like this one for four days:

Right now, we’re planning on a Mardi Gras theme, complete with strands of beads flying out the window to walkers we pass by and music from the Jack Brass Band blaring over the stereo. But we also want to wear capes, because why wouldn’t you want to wear a cape? We’re just trying to figure out how to fit superhero capes into a Mardi Gras theme.

I got my heatlh insurance card in the mail today, which means I got to agree to this statement when completing my online check in: I also acknowledge that I may be hurt or killed during the event not only from injury, but due to the level of physical exertion necessary to complete the three-day walk, and that these risks of injury or death cannot be completely eliminated.

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  1. jumi

    dude…I completely forgot about ready, set, crew.


    Also, it’s pretty obvious to me that the Cajun Crusaders should wear capes, so I don’t think that working those into your theme should be so difficult.

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