a list and 2 sidenotes

Things I saw after I turned my computer off at work and headed down the elevator until just right now:

  1. A co-worker leaning into the back window of his VW Passat while cleaning safety glass out. Someone was ballsy enough to punch in the window in the middle of the afternoon while it was parked in an open parking lot right smack dab in the middle of Minneapolis.
  2. Two cop cars and a bomb squad truck parked in front of the downtown Minneapolis library.
  3. The stoners three blocks down playing hackey sack in their front yard and attempting to involve their wheelchair-bound friend, but instead it looked like they were just beaning her in the head over and over.
  4. Myself cutting up raw chicken, which ended up in the most delicious stir fry I think I’ve ever eaten, made ever so lovingly by The Generalâ„¢.
  5. A total drug deal going down at 34th and Emerson. The guy in the car that was handing of said drugs asked if Riley was a pit bull. NO, JACKHOLE, HE’S A DRUG SNIFFING DOG, SO WATCH OUT.
  6. A seriously crazy lady meeting us head on our post-dinner 2.25 mile walk, who asked Riley to sit (which he did) and then lay down (and instead he tried shaking her hand). Then she handed The General and I an apartment rental magazine.
  7. And now it’s pretty much just my computer screen, my fat, tired, white dog sleeping on the couch, and the glow of The General’s laptop.

SIDENOTE: I quit drinking caffeine last Thursday. I just kept forgetting to bring change into work to get pop out of the vending machine, and figured why the hell not just quit worrying about it. As a result, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost eight pounds. I’m currently trying to break my juice habit, too, but holy Christ on a cracker, I could live on nothing but juice and Little Debbie snacks.

SIDENOTE.2: The General quit smoking last Thursday. The quitting of our vices on the exact same day was not at all planned, but it worked out that way. We now own stock in Tootsie Roll pops, but I’d rather find sucker sticks laying all around then make out with an ashtray. Sorry, baby. ;)

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