my g-rated weekend

After running a temp of somewhere around 101 degrees three days last week, I was really hoping that by the weekend, I’d feel better and up to doing something besides laying around in bed trying to figure out who to leave my John Kerry bobblehead to when I died of whatever mysterious disease had taken control of my body. By Friday and with the help of the pharmacist at Walgreen’s, I was healthy enough to go to my favorite drag show in the world.

There, Amelia and I met up with Desi and Kelly, and had a few drinks, including a shot called Cock Sucker. (I don’t know either.) Johnny Lightning was performing in said drag show, so I was more than excited about that, mainly because we’re moving to the “HEY! Let’s be friends!” phase, instead of the whole “OMG! I ONLY TALK TO YOU IN THE BAR!” phase. And I like friends! Then, to end the evening, a half naked man licked my ear and I pretty much got an ear boner. We stopped at Hardee’s on the way home, because nothing caps off a good night like a hot ham n’ cheese.

Saturday, we had lunch with Stephanie, who I hadn’t seen in almost three weeks, took a fantastic three hour nap, and then headed to the Lynx game, courtesy of some free tickets Erica had burning a whole in her pocket. It was my first game of the season, and it once again reminded me why I love going so much. We took the bus there and back and I’m pretty sure saved money by doing that instead of driving and parking. Look at me, all living in a big city and taking advantage of the public transportation.

This morning? EGG IN A HOLE! (Or Toad in a Hole) I’ve been kinda sick and haven’t wanted to eat since, oh, Tuesday, much in part due to some very weird stomach issues that I’m dealing with right now. And I was very excited when it actually sounded good this morning. And since the weather was so fantastic, we met up with Jenni, Matt, and Cindi to grill by the lake – I hadn’t seen them all week due to the plague of 08 that I’d been dealing with, so it was fun to get caught up with those a-holes, too.

We just watched Con Air (and watched Drop Dead Gorgeous last night, followed by Love Actually this morning), so I’m about to take Riley out and call it a night.

Hey, my life is kinda awesome right now, even if I don’t use the internet 29 hours a day anymore.

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