eight days of work in a row!

This was my first full week at my new job. Don’t worry – I’ll come up with a nickname for it soon enough. To quote an email I sent out to various folks on Tuesday night:

“In the five days I’ve worked there, I’ve came home for lunch three of those days. The first day I just walked around downtown being all Mary Tyler Moore-like and yesterday, they bought us lunch since we were in a staff meeting during that time of the day.”

It’s a small company. My department has seven people, plus our manager. When I interviews with my new manager, it was close to the most nerve-wracking interview I’ve ever had. (See related Twitter post.) My second or third day, I told her she’d intimidated the hell out of me, and she laughed.

I can’t really say enough exciting things about what I’m doing/where I’m at right now. I still probably have another week of training to do, which includes how to say things that will not make people want to stab me or sue me. I feel like I’m catching on pretty quick, and the few work-related phone calls I’ve made over the past few days seem to have some pretty naturally once I get into the groove.

There’s some pretty awesome people within my department, and the company itself has a fantastic history. (I’d love to share, but know what I’d love even more? Keeping a job by not talking about it on the internet any more specifically than I already am!)

The phrase I keep using to my co-workers and management-type people is “I’m excited!” and it’s true. I’m just really still excited about this job. It could be from the six months of unemployment or from the craphole previous employer I had (who, by the way, just closed offices in Atlanta and San Diego, and let go a shitload of people, including people that had been there for 20+ years.)

In any case, I’m still excited. We’ll revisit this in a few months, of course!

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