paintball cures the anger

Now that I’m working somewhere that I’m not super angsty all the time, and sending Jenni instant messages about my former boss like “WHY WON’T HIS HEAD SPONTANEOUSLY EXPLODE?”, I don’t really feel as angry as I used to. That’s a ginormous relief, because I don’t really like being so angry all the time. And while I did want to hug my former boss so hard he would stop breathing, I don’t think I’d ever want to kill someone.

The only other time prior to that where I remember being so angry was when my grandma died, and you know what helped with that? Blasting a paintball gun all over my parents’ backyard. At the time, my brother had just recently bought one, and by the time my grandpa and I were done releasing some anger, my dad’s wheelbarrow was covered in yellow and white paint. What can I say? Firing off some rounds of paint balls makes a person feel so destructive, and yet so absolutely harmless…

I can’t help but think that it’d be pretty fun to put on some goggles (and other various safety equipment), get hooked up with some spyder paintball markers and chase all my homies through a field blasting them to kingdom come. With paint, of course. We made tentative plans a year or two ago to get a big group together and take over a local RaidPaintball Shootin’ Place, but I can’t remember why it fell through. We should probably schedule it again, though, because nothing says I Love My Friends then splattering a load of paint all over them.

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