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I’d been overly excited about paying the balance on my Lynx season tickets for the 2008 season, but I ended up deciding against it. It’s a commitment (I’m not good at those!) and it’s a a good chunk of change when one isn’t really gainfully employed come time to pay your ticket balance. I figured I’d just catch whatever games I felt like, because let’s face it – their piece of shit marketing campaign isn’t exactly going to pack the seats.

Lindsey Harding’s latest knee injury makes me glad I didn’t go through with my season ticket holder status. At least the front office made a good decision in drafting a point guard like Candice Wiggins last month, instead of trying to fill their absolute desperate need for a post player first.

Here’s my prediction: Harding’s getting traded. If it doesn’t happen before the season starts, it’ll happen midway through, and because of this second knee injury, the Lynx won’t get shit for her. They should have pulled the string on it when she was whining about wanting to play in Houston, since that’s where she went to high school.

I like Harding, I do. She’s the second most exciting player for the Lynx, and will probably continue holding that status even while injured. I just don’t think she fits into their longterm plans. Don Zierden’s had the proverbial hard-on for Noelle Quinn ever since Harding went out last season, and with the amount of public appearances Q was making in the off-season, I can’t see her leaving anytime soon.

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  1. As well as Q did last season, I’m still not convinced she’s our PG of the future. There’s no room for her at the 2 or 3 either.

    My interest in Lindsey Harding has been reduced to gossip about her and Katie Smith. So… meh. I do think this year will be better than last year, but I’m not expecting marvelous things.

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