e.d. is not for me

Aside from the steady paycheck and the constant human interaction and the excitement of finally being able to bump my last job in Missouri off my resume, the other awesome thing about being once again employed is the promise of health insurance. Oh, sweet health insurance. Granted, my nagging back injury will be considered an previous condition, so the trips to the chiropractor will continue to come out of pocket, thanks to my wreck 1.5 years ago, at least it is a non-surgical treatment, I can’t imagine myself going into the OR.

Beginning June 1, I can get all of the Cialis, viagra, and levitra that I’ll ever need. It’s even more exciting to find out I can order it all online and never have to worry about standing in line at the pharmacy with a sheepish look on my face, while I wait to get my prescription of erectile dysfunction medication filled. Who knew it was just a few mouse clicks away, while I watch old episodes of Entourage and field booty call related text messages with answers of NO NOT AT ALL INTERESTED?

Maybe I’ll just forgo insurance completely, since I can get all my male sexual enhancement drugs on the Internets just as easily. Nobody likes dealing with Blue Cross Blue Shield, and I think this would get completely around it. Except for the fact that I don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction. And I should probably have the insurance just to pay for the therapy I need… even though that’s probably a pre-existing conditions as well.

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