baby phat

You know how sometimes you’ll see something that somebody’s wearing and thing “Holy crap! I wish I could pull that off!”? For me, it’s usually a pair of tennis shoes that white girls shouldn’t be wearing to work… but sometimes that doesn’t stop me.

What else falls into that category of stuff that looks pretty fantastic, but stuff I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) try to pull off? Baby Phat. Every time I see the word Baby Phat, I always think it’s going to be some gangster baby line of clothes and then I remember, nope! That’s Kimora’s line! And then I get all of the Simmons brothers confused, because how am I supposed to remember which one is the reverend and which one is the Def Jam guy?

Baby Phat. It’s just funny to say! But not quite as funny as Phat Farm.

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  1. Chaely

    Many moons ago my stepmother was still convinced that she would someday go shopping for me by herself and come home with things that actually fit me without trying them on first. One day she came home with a whole bag of crap and shooed me into the bathroom to try it all on. I reached in the bag and realized that she had bought probably $200 worth of Baby Fat clothes.

    I came out and explained to her that even the small sizes are made for girls with the big booty and thick thighs and clearly wouldn’t fit me. She finally realized why she, a 6 foot tall blond haired Norwegian woman, was getting all sorts of crazy looks while she was shopping and checking out. Now every time I see their logo I giggle.

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