so the job hunting thing

Man. It’s kind of a pain in the ass. Every day I wish there was this catalog I could just thumb through and find my ideal job, and then, sure! I’ll take that job on page 124, right below the one that talks about roller coaster operator.

Instead, there’s the digging through the five billion job websites that would be so much more conducive to my search if they’d all combine into one. And then there are the 75% of jobs that I’m overly qualified that require a Bachelor’s degree. (Hi. I know it was a mistake. But I can’t fix it overnight or even over the course of less than three years, so sorry.)

With the 25% of the jobs left that will even talk to me, I have to pick through my resumes to give them the one that best suits that particular position, and then I have to whip out the cover letter and make it a little more customized. That usually involves implementing some part of the company’s mission statement at some point, because I’m a sales person and that’s what I do. Then I fire it all off and sit and wait.

And then it’s sitting and waiting.

Most recently, I applied for a job in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis (awesome area, for those not around) and there were dogs hanging out in the office. YES. I got a call back the next day after applying, to let me know that the job was actually in their San Diego office. Well, hey, doo doo face, how about you specify that in your job description? I’m pretty sure I can read and last I checked, even though I’m tired of snow, I’m not gonna be transferring to Southern California. Unless the money’s right. Just sayin’.

Today, I found a job description for me that kinda fits me to the letter:

This is a high-energy role — we need someone who is bright and driven with a desire to always “know more.” We’re searching for enthusiastic professionals who are dedicated, disciplined and excited about our company’s mission. Most importantly, you should be the kind of person who can get others excited about our services. Been a leader in your community? A team-player in an organization? We want to hear from you!

I’m applying and then using that entire paragraph in the cover letters to any other job I apply for.

The Good News: There are a couple of jobs where I’m still in the running; apparently you have to interview more than one person. Hey, I can’t help it if I’m that awesome and look that fly in my fancy grown up lady business clothes.

What's up?